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Our letter to Sandra Fluke.

So pissed off Rusk apologized. Joint letter from my husband and me to the Georgetown girl:

Sandra Fluke,

By the way, next time you're in front of congress, could you advocate for my recreational activity? World of Warcraft would really help out with my social life, but for me to get accounts for both me and my wife would cost $60/month, plus $30/month in internet access, that is a total cost of $1080 per year, you can see how much of a burden this would be to our finances. If we had the government paying for it, we would be able to relax much more easily. Our contraceptives only cost us $200 per year, and we're now trying to have a baby, so we'll be willing to settle for the difference of $880 per year.

Rush may have apologized for calling you a slut, and he shouldn't have called you that. You want the tax payer to pay you for having sex so that makes you a whore, not a slut. Since you don't seem to be able to scrape up two quarters for condoms, here you go. Remember, they're for one partner at a time. If you find yourself with extras, please share with the idiot slut who needs $1000 per year in contraceptives.

By the way, I'll forever know you as Sandra “the condom welfare queen” Fluke, so tell you what, pay for your own sex like a grown-up and stop talking about it in public. Maybe you wouldn't get this ridicule.


A fed-up tax payer.

Too many morons today.


The moron from Texas.

I really desipise the moron, Sheila Jackson Lee. She's a dolt who thinks mankind went to Mars. I really, really hate her ugliness! You know... fvck yov, Sheila! We have freedom of speech in this country!

Obambi's war on business.

Just in case there is any doubt that Obama has a war on the American economy:

You MUST report me to:

A new website.

Hey there. It's been a horribly busy summer and I've had no spare time. I do have to take a minute to recomend Please go and check out Mister Kevin DuJan's site. A lot of great things from the persepective of someone who has spent time as a Democrat. Rush Limbaugh gave him a nod today; I'm thrilled he did.


I had to share this video.

This one is Mark Styne talking about free speech and the chilling effects identity politics plays on it. Enjoy.

Mark Steyn on Free Speech at the IPA from Institute of Public Affairs on Vimeo.

Pelosi’s ObamaCare waivers mania.

Twenty percent of ObamaCare waivers were given to Nancy Pelosi's district. Was anyone surprised? No wonder she pushed hard. No wonder she gloated and hauled that idiotic gavel in front of the protesters. She knew the fix was in. She's a baby murdering, anti-American whore. Nothing else to say except, if there is any justice, she'll end up behind bars.

Here is the link to the story via Hotair. And this link is the whole story via The Daily Caller.

And a quick sample.
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A really horrible Yu Yu Hakusho.

Here is one example over at MediaMiner. Okay, I never have understood these 'self-inserts.' Most everyone I've encountered are just painful. This also has nothing to do with Yu Yu Hakusho, so far. She's in bad need of a Beta and she really need to cut out adding random song lyrics in the middle of the story. Here's your sample:
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I just had to share this Crowder video.

I love this video. Anthony Weiner is the biggest fricking hypocrite on the plant. I detest him.

Steven Crowder is hysterical in this one! By the way, don't forget to go to! It is a MUST to annoy Sebelius. She's such a C. U. N.ext T.uesday! 

A really cool and sinister fox.





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